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Anonymous: Ninjas, um I need some advice. My boyfriend is the dominant one but he does a lot of things that I don't enjoy and he doesn't always listen when I say our safe word. How else could I get him to stop and listen when something actually hurts too much?


I hope you know that what he’s doing is not ok. And my gut reaction is just to advise you to break up with him. Safe words need to be respected and so do your limits. I know dom/sub sex is all the rave right now but too many people don’t understand or respect the power associated with it. You need to have a real talk with your boyfriend and tell him he needs to listen to you. A bad dom thinks that they are in charge of the situation, but in reality the sub is actually in charge. He is disrespecting you and taking advantage of your body when you are trusting him and that absolutely not ok ever. He could potentially really hurt you so you need to tell him that it’s not just fun and games. Be careful, be safe and hopefully he will learn and not manipulate you or anyone else again. 






imagine if girls used the same style of joke to degrade men like “cool story bro now go chop some lumber”


"what r u doing out of the garage go fix my car"

"Don’t you have something to fix somewhere."

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